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Using Duplicator at WHC

These are the steps I took to migrate a website to Web Hosting Canada (WHC) using Duplicator, a plugin you will need to install at the website you are moving to WHC.

  1. Download, install and activate the Duplicator plugin on the website you want to migrate. Click on the Duplicator => Projects link and choose Create New.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to create and then download to your local computer the compressed zip file of your site as well as the installer.php file generated. If you have a particularly large site, you may need to choose the two step install option.
  3. With the two files mentioned above downloaded, login to your WHC cPanel. In the File Manager, upload these two files to your new WHC website location. You will also want to use the MySQL® Database Wizard to create a new database for this site. Take note of the db name as well as the user name and password, as you will be prompted to enter these shortly.
  4. Now go to the new site, with installer.php added to the end of URL as in Follow the prompts you will see there and enter in the information you noted above. At step 3 of 4, click on the Options area to create a new admin account if you might have forgotten your old one.

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