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Transferring Domains to a New Host

What follows are the steps I took to move my domains from one web hosting service to another.

  1. Initiate a domain transfer with your new web hosting service.
  2. Contact the support at your old web hosting service a request a transfer key for the domain you are transferring out. Provide the transfer key to your new service and then be prepared to wait anywhere from several minutes to several days for the domain to be transferred.
  3. Once notified that the domain has been transferred, change the nameservers to those of your new web hosting service. This could take up to 48 hours to take effect.
    • NOTE: Before changing your DNS, please verify that you have properly transferred all your files, email accounts, and databases (if applicable) from your previous host onto your new server.
    • It is also strongly recommended to test your website on the new account, using your account’s permanent address, available from your Client Area.

You are now ready to upload or create at your site.

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